The role of a consulting company is based on the goal of enabling each business to compete in the market that is, while also planning and working for the future. Thus, hiring a consultant company is a search for fresh ideas, a professional external viewpoint, which in turn contribute to positive impacts on your business bound by a level of dedication independent of the length of consulting (whether short- or long-term).  

In 2009, the group of professionals who set up Vink Consulting based their firm on these same principles.  Before launching the company, each team member led a career in various industries including Finance, IT, Operations and more. These diverse backgrounds in combination with extensive experience of working with external consultants have given Vink a clear understanding of the shortcomings of the average business consultant. 

The solid foundation of experience and dedication along with the flexibility of being from different professional backgrounds is what makes our team at Vink Consulting stand out. We spend more time listening to our clients and putting ourselves in your position. We balance your subjective approach and concerns with our objective viewpoint, presenting you with an optimal solution. We are also committed to participating in the implementation of our proposals.

As professionals who have worked in a range of business contexts, we have the expertise and experience you need, combined with creativity and energy. We have our own problem solving toolset that we adapt to your specific business objectives. Once you partner with Vink Consulting your objectives become our objectives.






Our range of B2B training programs is based on a principle of solving business problems and improving operational efficiency. We approach each training session as an exercise that begins with a thorough needs assessment and the development of a customized program that is based on sound theory, yet involving as much practical application as possible. Throughout the process, we connect training content and delivery with the overall company goals, making sure to link learning to short- and long-term business success. We have the expertise and experience necessary to provide deliverable-based training in various industries such as hospitality, distribution, retail and manufacturing, on a range of topics such as: 

  • Finance training: Vink’s trainings allow all levels of professionals to work effectively with numbers related to your business activities. We helps your team better read, analyze and understand everything related to your company’s financial side. This includes a specific approach for non-financial professionals, allowing those with a limited background in accounting or controlling to acquire basic financial knowledge and the impact of their business decisions outside of their functional area and in general.
  • Mastery of business IT solutions: We give professionals the skills to use new computer programs specific to their business functions, as well as work with them as part of their training to solve the business problems that they actually face as part of their work. Scenarios might consist of working with Excel to learn how to do the advanced statistical analysis that you need for a new product or using macros to avoid repetitive work in Word.
  • Project Management: Vink Consulting conducts trainings to help develop team members who effectively plan, organize and control resources to meet specific business needs.
  • Sales and Customer Service: We tailor specific trainings to build a team of employees who grow and retain a base of dedicated customers for your company and have the skills to productively use an efficient customer relationship management system.
  • Management Skills: Vink Consulting is set up to train and develop critical skills in your key team leaders. With our expertise, your managers will learn how to better develop and articulate a business mission and vision for their units or the company as a whole. Our sessions on time management will analyze their real-life approach to everyday work and teach them how to improve energy levels, scheduling, meeting formats and more, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.
  • Facilitation and Event Moderation: In these trainings we help you organize meetings or conferences that stay on topic and remain constructive, without unwavering focus on your company’s need and unbiased results. Relying on us for effective facilitation you get to your stated objectives in a positive and efficient manner with maximum participation from your target audience.
  • Mentorship: Our team at Vink Consulting also has a lot to offer by way of mentorship on different levels - for you as an individual, a specific business unit, or your company as a whole. Whether you are a startup or an established business, we are committed to supporting you and your company in achieving specific targets over a long term and can provide coaching and expert guidance to set a path for your business success.

Environment & Innovation

Vink Consulting is an active member and partner of the Climate Technology Centre and Network, a global initiative that promotes the accelerated transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low carbon and climate resilient development to developing countries. We have also partnered with Climate Change IT and local focal points of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to develop, promote and communicate new environmental initiatives. We are a mentor of the Global CleanTech Innovation Programme and have considerable experience supporting and training green startups in with the creation of business models, business plans, contact making, stakeholder engagement and management issues. Our team also has first-hand experience in developing and implementing projects in this area, such as energy efficiency.

Vink Consulting is actively involved in developing new startups and tech enterprises. We work with entrepreneurs on ideas that have an environmental or social impact, and help them build bankable projects and businesses that attract investment. Our expertise and support works for companies of all scales - whether they plan to operate as SMEs or scale up to large corporations. We also help non-profit organizations with proposal writing and fundraising for environmental and innovation projects.



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